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Dan has been an administrator, director, and principal in government and Christian nonprofits for 16 years. He has trained, supervised, and evaluated hundreds of employees. His emphasis on leadership development includes accreditation, employment, and academic goals and measurements for local, state, and federal agencies. Dan is also a business owner and consultant. His education includes a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Educational Administration. Dan is the founder of Helping Hand Outreach.


Cleveland has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for three decades.  He started his own CPA practice in 1984 and joined with his current partner in 2004.  Cleveland is uniquely qualified to offer tax advice and planning.  His education includes a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance and Accounting, a Juris Doctor (law) degree, and a Master of Theological Studies degree.  Cleveland serves on the boards of two non-profit ministerial organizations and is founder and director of a third.  He has been active in Christian Ministry for twelve years including missionary work in Africa and India.


Scott has been practicing law since 1974.  He began his career as an attorney at Baker & Daniels in Indianapolis before moving to Washington State.  Scott later founded Stafne Trumbull Law Firm in Arlington, Washington.  He has represented clients in several areas of law including, but not limited to, constitutional law, land use law, and admiralty law.  Scott has represented churches over the years and is a champion of religious liberty and equality.

Teresa brings great energy, people skills, and networking experience.  She began her marketing career in 1997 as a buyer for a pharmaceutical company before starting her own business in credit and debt management.  In addition to being a mother of four, Teresa is active in her church as director of outreach and events.  She has extensive experience in organizing workshops and seminars including fundraising for World Vision and United Way.

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