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A Faith Based Organization is a corporation whose primary purpose or activities are religious or religiously motivated.


For any person who wants to set up a Faith Based Organization whose primary purpose or activities are religious or religiously motivated.

Once you have chosen your initial board of directors, we take care of the rest.

Yes.  A 508 may be a 1) church or, an 2) association of churches or, 3) an integrated auxillary of a church.

Yes.  Many times there is a group of like-minded FBO’s that want to share an affiliation but not give up their independence or local control.

Yes.  A 508 FBO  may ordain and license it’s own leaders.

  • The Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • UBI Number
  • SS4 and Tax Identification Number
  • Certificate of Existence/Authorization
  • Charities registration exemption letter signed by the Secretary of State listing the 508 as an tax exempt organization
  • First year registered agent services
  • Bylaws template
  • Sample first minutes of board meeting

Within 20 days.

Yes, but the signature does not have to be original.

Our registered agent services is offered by Northwest Corporate Services. The first year of registered agent service is included with the 508 filing.  After the first year Northwest Corporate Services charges a $100 per year fee to serve as the registered agent.

Yes!  Washington Corporation’s work in all 50 states.  If used in another state you may need to register as a foreign corporation depending on your states laws and the type of activity.

Washington is a very popular location for non-profit organizations because we have both Non-Profit Registration and the Charities Program administered by the same agency, the Secretary of State. Many states restrict religious expression. Washington allows religious organization’s to exercise religion equal to what a natural man or woman can do.

Washington is unique in offering a charities registration exemption letter to FBO’s. The letter acknowledges that FBO’s do not have to report for any fund raising. The Secretary of State lists the FBO as tax exempt and able to raise money from the public.

$10 a year in Washington.  California is $800.











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