Legal Analysis For Section 508(c)(1)(a)

Why All Churches Should Be A 508(c)(1)(a)

Dear friend: Many professionals have been asking for more detailed information on Section 508(c)(1)(a). We have prepared a legal analysis about the legislative history, intent, and court rulings concerning Faith Based Organizations organizing and operating under Section 508(c)(1)(a) and Section 501(c)(3). If you value freedom of speech and freedom to express religion, please take time to click on the link below to our website for this important information.
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“We do not live in a world where churches should voluntarily limit their freedom to engage in that political conduct necessary to achieve a more Godly planet. Cleveland Futch & Dan Peterson explain in their article ‘WHY ALL CHURCHES SHOULD BE A 508(c)(1)(a)‘ how churches can regain their freedom to engage the system to obtain a more just world by simply claiming they are more than just a Charity. It is as necessary now, as it was during the Revolutionary War, for people of faith to provide the moral compass which this corrupt government so desperately needs.” by Scott Stafne, Attorney – Arlington Washington

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